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Spearmint Rhino Christmas Party Part One

The Spearmint Rhino made a bad night look good at Surrender. I was a little nervous that the night was going to be a bust and have a poor turnout when entering the club to a wide open dance floor. The night took off immediately once Deniz Koyu, the headliner of the night, came on and got the crowd going in full force. By the later part of the evening everyone was on the same page, all wanting to just get crazy in Vegas in honor of the holidays and the closing of another year.

  • Surrender Your Wednesdays Deniz Koyu live at Surrender


    my rating:

    Music: 7.0/10
    The Rhino Christmas Party definitely made the night, because there was not much else going on throughout the course of the night. I do have to take into consideration that it is the holiday season and it is always particularly slower at this time in Las Vegas every year. I had never really heard of the DJ, Deniz Koyu, but would recommend him in the future for the amount of energy he brought to the night. It was a good night for December on The Strip!

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    • I wasn't upset about being at the end of the dinner table.

    • Hands down, the two hottest girls of the night at Surrender!

    • Two is always better than one! I was feeling the Xmas Spirit.

    • A Pretty blonde with tattoos is always cool at my table.

    • Notice the calmness upon their faces, obviously they hadn't started finishing off those bottles yet.

    • And she did more than just hold those bottles! Lady In Red!

    • Lady In Red is getting it in! Filling up on the Xmas Spirits!

    • Two Giiiiirls!

    • Hanging out and having fun.

    • BAM! My favorite thing about Christmas Time, is the gifts, and they are all I want for Christmas!

    • Not a bad gig being a DJ!

    • And that's what its like not having a table!

    • Merrrrrry CHRISTMAS! From Spearmint Rhino!

    • I want this one Santa! She is already gift wrapped.

    • And now those drinks from earlier have kicked in.

    • Nothing wrong with a shiny blue dress like that!

    • Love seeing people have a good time.

    • Sexy!

    • I know where you are looking on this pic, sometimes you just can't help it.

    • She had a good time, I promise!

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