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He’s out and about, he’s all around ’cause that’s his job! No seriously. The zexzoo® Las Vegas Ambassador is paid to party. Not a bad gig. But it does come with a little responsibility, and that is to tell us all about it. Discover the lifestyle of the lucky and learn how it’s supposed to be done.

Rhino Xmas only at The Bank

The Bank was the only game in town, combining six parties into one grand event, adding another legendary night to the books. It was the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Xmas Party, The Crazy Horse 3 Party, Holiday Socialite Party, DJ Five's Birthday Party, The After Party of Hyde's IV Party, and the clubs weekly industry party. Every table was some kind of celebration, with their fair share of beautiful women and large bottles of liquor, continuing with the theme of Hyde's IV Party, " Save Water, Drink More Champagne".

  • Rhino X-Mas Rhino X-Mas only at The Bank


    my rating:

    Music: 10/10
    Bank's Holiday Socialite Party was Insane. A very smart use of everything going on, getting the hot girls dressed in bikinis from the IV Party to come over, having two different strip club's Xmas parties, and having their own waitresses dressed as sexy Santa Helpers. The music was on point the entire night, having the Bday Boy himself, DJ Five, play what he loved for a couple of sets, real Hip Hop. It was also super cool to hangout and party with some of Jay Z's Band from the Magna Carter Tour, who stayed an extra night to party in Vegas with us. On a sad note, it was a moment taken out of the night, to observe the very recent death of the beloved casino hosts and long time supporter of Vegas's Nightlife, Owen Choi. It was just a great night to be out, seeing so many friends celebrating life and friendship. Good Job Bank!

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    • Reggie C. commented

      Spearmint Rhino Xmas Party at the Bank was Bananas!!!! The Rhino walked into the club with at least 100 of its staff, mostly dancers and cocktail waitresses, taking over a corner of the Mezzanine Level. Bank was the place to be all night!

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    • Reggie C. commented

      This party will be the main event of the night for me, it is going to be a guaranteed good time!

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