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He’s out and about, he’s all around ’cause that’s his job! No seriously. The zexzoo® Las Vegas Ambassador is paid to party. Not a bad gig. But it does come with a little responsibility, and that is to tell us all about it. Discover the lifestyle of the lucky and learn how it’s supposed to be done.

Eric D-Lux

Good Music, Good Service, Prime Location, Pretty Girls, and Excellent Neighbors are a necessity for a great night in a Las Vegas Club, which is what I had on last Monday at Marquee. It was such an unexpected random surprise to see so many high quality customers out in full force, making a supposed average December Night, which is normally slow, look like the kickoff of a Summer Holiday Weekend. Eric D-Lux took the party to another level, blending EDM and Hip Hop, and dropping in everyone's favorite Top 40. The best part of the night, was seeing and hanging out the beautiful waitress staff of TAO Group that seem to be everywhere in the building.

  • Eric D-Lux Eric D-Lux live at Marquee


    my rating:

    Music: 9.0/10
    Its never a bad night in any club when you have Don Johnson buying Champagne bottles that are the same size as a little person; followed by Chris Brown and a few others joining the same section, and continuously buying multiple magnums of Dom Perignon. One of the coolest points in the night was the display of Don Johnson's name on the huge jumbo monitor, as he standing in the DJ Booth on stage with Eric D-Lux and his massive champagne bottle. There is nothing better than everyone being on the same page at a club, from the DJ to the Bussers, with the only intention of making sure their customers have the best experience, which sums up Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas.

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