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He’s out and about, he’s all around ’cause that’s his job! No seriously. The zexzoo® Las Vegas Ambassador is paid to party. Not a bad gig. But it does come with a little responsibility, and that is to tell us all about it. Discover the lifestyle of the lucky and learn how it’s supposed to be done.

Nick Cannon

N Credible Tablet Release Party at 1OAK was much better than I anticipated, Nick Cannon has improved his skills in the DJ Booth. I always measure the strength of a party by the amount of quality people who stick around longer than obligated, which all of the who's who did, partying it up until almost 3AM. It is always a good time when you have a room full of international corporate executives without their suits and having too many drinks. The music was on point the entire night, ranging from the oldest to the newest hits in popular music, reminding everyone why they love Vegas!

  • Ncredible Tablet Release with Nick Cannon DJ Set Nick Cannon live at 1 OAK


    my rating:

    Music: 10/10
    You know that you are at a good party when the people that are usually The Party come to just hang out. Lil Jon, DJ Chuckie, Tyson Beckford, and many more celebrities, as well as tech executive giants were all in attendance for this event. The best part of the night was when Nick Cannon took many of us down memory lane, playing New Edition, Bobby Brown, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson Classics, and then right back into the hot hits, dropping the newest Lil Jon with him live on the microphone. There was a need for more pretty girls, but the overall vibe was good enough to look past that fact and have a good time.

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    • Yes and Yes, she was as hot as she looks in the picture.

    • Nothing wrong with pretty girls being in the club.

    • I like this picture for more than just the two obvious reasons.

    • Digging The Sexy Serious Couple Pose!

    • I know what the cameraman was looking at, she is putting them out there.

    • Nice Big Smiles.

    • Looks like a lot of fun.

    • Lets be honest, only noticing the Green Dress, BAM!

    • Pretty, but please no more tanning.

    • Nick Cannon!

    • Just loving my job and taking a pic with a pretty pretty girl. PERKS!

    • 1OAK Dancers!

    • A little black dress is all you need most of the time anywhere.

    • Love with pretty girls dress up like ladies in the club.

    • Feeeeeeling the Club!

    • More 1OAK Dancers!

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