reggie’s recall and recap

He’s out and about, he’s all around ’cause that’s his job! No seriously. The zexzoo® Las Vegas Ambassador is paid to party. Not a bad gig. But it does come with a little responsibility, and that is to tell us all about it. Discover the lifestyle of the lucky and learn how it’s supposed to be done.

DJ Clockwork Light

A Las Vegas Wednesday Night is better than almost any other city's best night of the week, especially when you get the opportunity to go to Light. I have been spoiled by the luxury of living in Sin City and witnessing all of the best parties at this venue in its short existence, so I always have high expectations when in the building. I was a little disappointed by the ratio of women to men, and even more so by the music last week. There were a few bright spots and hidden gems around the room, especially if you came around later in the evening, and didn't pay attention to the music.


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