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  • Dec 31, 2013 • 366 page views

    New Years Eve 2014 - Part 1

    Diplo Twins Vegas New Years Eve PartyNew Years Eve in Vegas, 2014

    New Years Eve Weekend was far too long for the saturated market that is the Las Vegas Nightlife. It kicked off on a Thursday and ended on a Wednesday for me, almost an entire week, with New Years Night being the best of all of them. I started off at Haze, inside of The Aria Hotel and Casino, enjoying the night with some of my favorite industry friends who stayed in town for Christmas. The club was pretty good for it to be just one day after the biggest family holiday of the year. There were plenty of quality customers buying bottles and good looking groups of women scattered all around the room. The music was mostly hip hop, which was to everyone's liking, especially on the dance floor, where you would have spotted my buddies, Les Twins (Famous twin dancers, who are a You Tube Sensation, International Endorsements, and currently on tour with Beyonce).

    The momentum started to get going Friday Night, Dash Berlin at Marquee, Steve Aoki with Fergie at Hakkasan, Steve Powers at Light Nightclub, and David Guetta at XS. I went to XS with every intention of just checking out the first hour of the headliners set, which was before I ran into Les Twins and saw how many International Models were onstage with the DJ for the party. The evening quickly became another chapter to write about in the book of my great life, with David bringing the twins in the booth with him, letting them dance aside of his soundboard and next to him the entire performance.

    dash berlin new years party at marqueeDash Berlin rockin the house at Marquee

    I was forced to hangout backstage amongst the many beautiful women in attendance, along with a lot of Vegas heavyweights, including long time friends of mine, Jessie Waits (XS and Tryst Managing Partner) and Sean Christie (Owner of Las Vegas Nightlife Group). The crowd was loving and dancing to every song played, mixed, and sped up until Guetta finished his set. It was an amazing experience to get an up close and personal view of a big night of a world renowned DJ, and capping it off with the cool bro shake and hug. I called it a night, knowing I had so many more nights ahead and an early start the following morning.

    After sleeping in all morning, I started my Saturday off at Lavo Nightclub Restaurant and Nightclub for its famous and fun Brunch Party. It is an amazing daytime nightclub party, starting in the early afternoon, with high quality food. It was not the normal crowd or energy, but full of enough quality people that made it well worth going, including my friend and Olympic Gold Medalist, Apolo Ohno. The night was an entirely different story, where looks were very deceiving and expectations were just to high in regards to where the people were going to go too. Surrender Nightclub was the starting point of my night, where Lil Jon was the headliner, and there was no rope. I went inside to a very different scene from the outside, a full dance floor, with every open general admission area completely occupied, and bottle service tables constantly being sat. I tried my hardest to cover as much ground as possible, moving onto Tryst, catching some of Jermaine Dupri's set. The venue didn't have very many people in line, but did have a half filled room with a good vibe, feeling the music and dancing in every corner.

    New Years Eve at Haze NightclubEnjoying New Years Eve in Vegas

    I continued on my voyage around Wynn and Encore, making my last stop around the properties at XS, for Steve Angello. It was a drastic and welcomed change of intensity when approaching Steve Wynn's crown jewel of his nightlife venues, that was everything that everyone was expecting of the NYE Weekend. Hundreds of people waiting in various lines, many of them dressed in their best attire, and every table taken that could be possibly sat from the entrance to the pool. I made my way to the stage, arriving just before the DJ showed up and took over the evening. Angello absolutely killed it, rocking the club from the very first track that he dropped, and just kept taking the rhythms to another level, with the crowd feeding off of his own enjoyment of his work in the booth. I could not call it a night without keeping my word to Apolo Ohno and other friends that I would come and check out Sander Van Doorn at some point in the night at Marquee. I walked into an intense party, where the entire dance floor and all of the surrounding areas, as well as everyone outside and under the tent of the pool, were in sync to the music. I stayed until a little after 4A.M., witnessing multiple tables still ordering extremely large bottles of Dom Perignon and Ciroc, proving to me that Tao Group was still holding its own in the competitive nightlife market on The Strip.

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