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  • Sep 11, 2013 • 56 page views

    LDW 2013

    default imageFantastic Labor Day Weekend

    My favorite weekend this year so far!

    LDW 2013 Las Vegas was my favorite weekend thus far this year, starting it on a Wednesday evening and ending it in the early hours of the following Tuesday. The Kickoff, Kumi Japanese Restaurant and Bar, the local grand opening, was a great start with its delicious food and unbelievable turnout of the city's Nightlife Industry. I continued my evening at Mandalay Bay, joining the weekly industry night party, at Eclipse, which is one of the newest hotspots of Vegas, brought to us by Light Group. There was not enough energy for me at MB, so I went to join The Spearmint Rhino Promotion Team, who were nothing but high octane fun at the Surrender Nightclub, inside the Encore Casino. I ended my night, at the best place in town to end your night, the Spearmint Rhino, hot girls, awesome Chicken Fingers, strong drinks, and good music!

    Thursday Night, pacing myself for a full weekend, I had some very zesty appetizers at Javier's, accompanied by a very pretty group of ladies, and an ugly bill. Luckily, my next stop in Aria was very gracious, The Deuce Lounge. I was in the company of some of City Center's Finest, where I had perfect timing to be in the room when it was full of good looking women! What! I love Vegas! I continued my night, taking a table at The Haze Nightclub, enjoying the great music and the beautiful cocktail waitress staff. Bottle Service is the best way to insure a great experience at any nightclub, especially in the Fun Capital of the US, if not the entire world.

    Friday, had to keep my track shoes on after the treadmill, because that's when I started to run around the city. Ditch Friday at the Palms Casino, don't need to say anything other than the fact that Kendrick Lamar performed. Please Don't Kill My Vibe! Please Don't Kill My Vibe! I shut it down for a few hours, then got Turnt Up! I must eat well to survive my crazy lifestyle, therefore I had to go to Japonais for the best Sea Bass in town and Green Tea. I could feel an energy throughout the lobby of the Mirage as I made my way from dinner to the club. I walked into the jungle party setting of 1OAK, where I should have known it was going to be a crazy night. The staff was dressed in camouflage and military style for Major Laser. It was one of those nights that you wouldn't believe it, unless you were there to see it for yourself. Celebrities were showing up unannounced, including Paris Hilton, an impromptu performance by Tyga, literally wall to wall women, it looked like a Spring Break party!

    Saturday, I woke up with a smile anticipating how much fun of a day and night I was going to have, not letting the rainy day slow me down. I begun my day at the Palms Pool hanging out with The Redbull Marketing Team in the private bungalows, while watching all the ladies drink Beau Joie Rose Champagne. Already feeling good and not bothered by the drizzling rain, LL Cool J popped out and did an awesome live set. You know he is still BAD when other music artist came out to see him, including T.I. and DJ Clue. I had to dart across the strip to go to Encore Beach Club to catch Steve Angello, who had full control of the crowd. The best thing about a big weekend is that you never know who you are going to run into, ran into Lil Jon. I got to end my afternoon in style, always nice to have a few shots of Don Julio 1942! What!!! I had to rush home to change for the Lil Wayne concert at the MGM Grand Arena, he is truly a ROCKSTAR. T.I. opened and closed the show with Weezy, which was just super cool. Skateboarders stayed in the mix doing tricks, while Lil Wayne had his solo performance, and there was also a few sexy choreographed dance routines with his hot group of dancers. The partying had only just begun, had to hit Pure to catch Rev Run with DJ Ruckus and visit with my sexy girlfriends from Scottsdale. Now I started to get on a good pace, went by Hyde to catch up with more friends. I had a funny moment watching someone who had a few to many fall onto the bottle service table of the Kardashians, which wasn't funny to them because they were taping for there show. I also got to go and hangout in the booth with DJ Eric DLux, who had everyone bumping their heads and putting those hands in the air. I had to stay on the run, went to BANK Nightclub and caught the live performance of Common, something that everyone should experience. Keeping it moving, I had to go to the Light Nightclub, where I walked into a club completely under the trance of Skrillex. The coolest club in town! I was not tired, hit Haze Nightclub at end the night to listen to some good hip hop being played by DJ ERock, and I had just missed Flo Rida's performance. Finally ended my night by going to the Spearmint Rhino, only to find a little bit of everyone that had been a part of my day everywhere all together there. Good Day!

    Sunday, my favorite day of the weekend, the day when everyone goes all in or flys home. I tried to start the day off with a good vibe that I could ride into the night, Alesso at Daylight Day Club. It does not matter if you are not big on EDM, you still will love his sound and he will make you a fan and have you pumping your fist in the air. I had to make all the rounds I could possibly make, going onto Encore Beach Club, for AfroJack and to wish one of the coolest club host in town a happy birthday, Jai Shaun White. I couldn't forget about one of my favorite pools, TAO Beach, where Trinidad James shut it down! I'm Sweating Wooh! I'm Sweating Wooh! The staff is unbelievable, hooked me up with some of their great frozen drinks to cool me off, and gave me a great Cabana next to Trinidad. The food is always on point, my personal favorite is the Breakfast Sandwich. I think you should live your life to the fullest of your abilities, so I went to Liquid Ultra Pool Lounge at Aria. I could not miss catching up with Flo Rida twice, got to catch up with him and met T Pain too! Ashante was also in attendance, along with a few other music artist. A perfect way to end the afternoon. I was not done yet, BANK Nightclub, Diddy Party! It was a good party but a bit of a let down since Diddy didn't show up until after 2am. Realizing that I was not at the best party, I went to Light Nightclub, the newest nightclub from Light Group. I found the party of parties, going strong until the Sun came up! The coolest part of my night was to be sipping Champagne and doing shots amongst so many cool people, including AfroJack, David Guetta, Alesso, DJ Irie and so many of the who's who of the Vegas Nightlife, and especially Phil Ivey.

    Monday, recovery afternoon, lounged at home, but really wanted to be at Surrender for David Guetta. Feeling completely refreshed, I put on my all white outfit from head to toe, for the White Party at STK. It was definitely the place to be for dinner or to just have a great start to the night. It had everything, cool people, it was a little artsy, sexy, good music, and most of all, excellent food. I finally came to the end of my weekend at XS, AfroJack and David Guetta! It was packed, full of great bottle service customers and nightlife industry. I was fortunate to have a great table full of Spearmint Rhino Dancers in a prime spot, thanks to my guy RMC. Great Weekend!

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