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  • Oct 31, 2013 • 87 page views

    Easing Into Halloween

    default imageReggie Carroll, Zexzoo® Ambassador extraordinaire

    Happy Halloween Everyone!

    Halloween Week in Las Vegas is unavoidable for any local on the strip and should be on every traveling adults destination bucket list. I took off the opening weekend of the upcoming holiday, jumping into the action on Monday Night, at STK, in the Cosmopolitan. It was the weekly industry party, Magnum Mondays, themed Absinthe in Wonderland. The entire restaurant was decorated, with all of the staff in full costume and character, every table filled with great customers, industry wall to wall. The service and food was excellent as usual, along with great music being played, rounding out a nice short evening.

    I continued being a part of the festivities, going to Hyde, for its weekly industry party on Tuesday night, which was hosted by Marilyn Manson. The party was good, definitely a night that you truly wished that you had a table and were dressed for the occasion. The Hyde waitresses and a large number of Spearmint Rhino dancers in attendance also enhanced the evening, wearing their sexy costumes, and socializing amongst the crowd. The music was not as good as usual, but was barely noticed because of the multiple alerts of Dom Perignon being orders by various tables. I ended my night in typical Vegas fashion, joining the bottle poppers and beautiful women for a night cap, at The Rhino.

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    I've been a part of the Vegas scene for 15 years now. A nightlife veteran, I try to be ahead of the action wherever it may be and wherever it goes.

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