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  • Nov 07, 2013 • 76 page views

    SEMA Las Vegas 2013 Has Arrived

    SEMA 2013 in Las Vegas with Reggie, Zexzoo AmbassadorReggie Carroll, Zexzoo® Ambassador extraordinaire

    Kicking Off the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show for 2013 with a BANG!

    The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show is in Las Vegas this week, SEMA 2013! It is always a very welcomed and anticipated event for the city, especially for all facets of our hospitality industry. There is no way anyone could go to any restaurant, lounge, or nightclub and not notice the many ladies and gentlemen in their distinguishable attire conducting big business Vegas Style!

    Tuesday nights in Las Vegas give you many options to go out and kick your hills up, 1OAK, Lavo Nightclub, Pure, and Haze night club. I chose to start my night off at 1OAK, located perfectly at the North door entrance of the Mirage Casino. There is nothing like valeting your car just steps away from the ropes of the club, and being seen by the hosts, for a smooth entrance, but that's just my personal opinion. I will be honest with you, it is not always that easy, I went around 1am on purpose, knowing it would be the perfect time.

    Jay Faber and Reggie CarrollReggie Carroll and Jay Faber from World Series of Poker

    I was greeted by two of Light Group's Management; Johnny McMahon and Larry Murphy, always makes you feel a little special when the higher ups greet you. I made my rounds through the club, visiting with the table of Eli Pacino (Managing Partner of 1OAK Las Vegas) and the hosts of the club. I was definitely in the right place at the right time, catching Noah Auspitz (Push Hangover Recovery) on the mic hosting and presenting of his newest venture, which sponsored the first ever Push Awards.

    The club was not as busy as usual. There were fewer industry tables in attendance, but more quality customers than normal on its weekly industry night. It did not matter how busy the club was, because DJ Que was dropping all of the hip hop bangers that everyone wanted to hear. There was a real good vibe going.

    I kept it moving, going next door to Pure, at Caesars Palace, catching up with the happiest Poker Player crew I have seen in a long time. I walked up to the main stage of the club, going straight to the DJ Booth, seeing DJ Shift controlling the room like a puppet master with hip hop beats, and Jay Farber standing on top with his own personal bottle of alcohol. If I were Jay, I would have been doing the same thing after taking second place in the World Series of Poker final table, winning 5.2 million dollars.

    Jay Faber and Reggie CarrollReggie Carroll out and about SEMA

    The area was full of excitement and celebration with various Poker Star Veterans around, including Phil Hellmuth and a giant dancing Panda. I tried my hardest to be everywhere last night, proceeding to Hyde Night Club, at the Bellagio, only to find that it was the best scene I had come across throughout the night. I wasn't shocked, because its known to be the better place later in the night, due to its setup and format of music. The upper lounge and bar were shutdown when I arrived at 3am, but the rest of the room was going strong, with tables still ordering large bottles of Champagne. It was also a great amount of good looking women on the dance floor, at the tables, and at the bar. It started thinning out around 3:30am, with everyone still feeling the sounds of DJ Scooter. It was a nice surprise to end the night just as good as it started. After Halloween week, which seemed like a month, I did not expect to see a lot of Nightlifers out and about, Industry Nights peak in waves. I am looking forward to few more nights of fun this week, attending the SEMA Show, and definitely keeping you posted.

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