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  • Nov 18, 2013 • 134 page views

    Vegas' Industry Weekend

    Industry Weekend in Las Vegas - Reggie, Zexzoo AmbassadorReggie Carroll, Zexzoo® Ambassador extraordinaire

    Industry Weekend in Vegas with Reggie, Zexzoo Ambassador

    Local Nightlifers support is a necessity on The Strip, for any club during the week in Las Vegas. It becomes very apparent to any seasoned patron of our city going out during the week from out of town, when a venue lacks local support. This week was one of those weeks, but not for everybody, at least not this past Tuesday, at 1OAK. I was pleasantly surprised to pull into the busy and full valet of the Mirage, hearing the music blasting but not echoing from inside the club. I started off the night visiting with two of the coolest guys in town, who are intricate parts of the Spearmint Rhino Marketing Team, Zack Lord and Mark Alums. Their tables are never a let down, which were filled by about twenty Rhino Dancers, that were dancing to the sounds of the opening dj, Que.

    It wasn't easy getting to the table with the room being so packed and full, but luckily everyone seem to have the common mindset to just have the common mindset to just have a good time. It was a very good showing of Industry support, including tables full of staffs from Surrender Nightclub, Marquee, Haze, Light Nightclub, Bank, and Alesso not entertaining but being entertained, having his own table behind the DJ Booth. The night got kicked up a notch once ATrak took over the controls, who was the headliner, along with Danny Brown. The real headliner should have been Brown's dj, DJ Skywalker, who absolutely hypnotized the room as soon as he started his set. He started off posing with his arms crossed, hoodie on, no mic, crowd watching, playing Waka Flocka acapella, " Go Hard in Mutha*#*!?!! Paint", dropped the beat, and started putting his hands up bouncing with the crowd simualtaneously! That is an Introduction! Danny Brown came on about thirty minutes later, performing a few of his songs, with ATrak coming back on after, to close out the night. I had planned on just popping in for about an hour but couldn't leave for a few hours. I made myself leave to run over to Hyde and checkout Hyde. DJ Five was doing his thing while Phil Ivey had a table on the dance floor popping bottles, where all the good looking women were hanging out, enjoying champagne. I came to late, just after 2am, when the crowd was starting to thin out and call it a night. I quickly ended my night too.

    Reggie with hot girlsReggie Carroll and friends at Vegas Nightclub

    I was content for the week after going to 1OAK on Tuesday, but had to make the rounds on Wednesday night, hitting Andreas, Surrender, and Light. Andreas is usually a pretty good call on Surrender Nightclub industry night, because they normally comp lots of girls dinner before partying it up, vertical integration at its best. Venturing off next door to Surrender Nightclub, was kind of disappointing, the main area was full, as well as the outside tented area, and a few outside cabanas sat, but no energy. I tried to holdout and wait for Porter Robinson to come on, giving up a little after 1am. I will say this, it was a lot of upscale and well dressed people in house, mostly guests of Encore and Wynn, but to many professionals, highly BED educated. Staying on track and keeping a sense of purpose of being out, had to go to Light.. I walked in already let down after not getting the same high from 1OAK, not expecting much, only to regain it instantly, and Alesso spinning.

    I made one quick lap seeing that almost every table was still full, stopping at the table of Andrew Sasson (Founder of Light Group). It's always the best to be hangout with him when he is in a great mood and feeling festive, but dangerous when he has full bottles of Patron at hand. He was accompanied by his many hosts and management who were all forced to open their mouths and let the boss pour out shots! I also found out where all the hot women were, especially the many cocktail waitresses from around the strip that you always hope to see out on a good night. The club was full of industry support, Tao Group, Light Group, AMG, and good local bottle customers too. My night went longer than expected, which is the way every night out should be in Las Vegas.

    Out at Vegas NightclubReggie Carroll out and about Industry Weekend Vegas

    After a full two nights out, I slowed myself down, just choosing to go to Haze for The Work Hard Play Awards, which were sponsored by Viva Vegas. I went partly out of obligation, being that I was an honoree, and that is also happens to be one of my favorite places to socialize amongst my peers. It was a huge industry party, but different, because it had a lot more focus on the ladies which normally is not the case. The ladies of Hyde were a rare sighting, who are some of the most beautiful women on the strip, who are rarely seen anywhere other than Hyde, were also being honored and had a great table that was noticed by everyone. JackColton's Team was in attendance and celebrating a birthday, as well as Surrender, Spearmint Rhino, Light, Body English, XS, CH3, and of course Vegas Dave too, plus many more.

    The music was great, bottles were plentiful, and the Models of Viva Vegas were my personal highlight, all adorned in trucker hats, sponsored by Cadillac, wearing heels, sexy tanks, and little black shorts, at least twenty-five of them. Sancho Van Ryan and Michael Sartain put on a great event, and brought a lot of hot women of the city out of the wood works. Good time and a nice ending to the Nightlifers weekend! Now time to get ready for the real weekend, which is a Fight Weekend, and I am ready to rumble!

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