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  • Nov 27, 2013 • 739 page views

    Reggie's Tips on Bottle Service at Your Favorite Vegas Nightclub

    Is table service worth it for you and your fun seeking party - Reggie's tips, Zexzoo AmbassadorBottle Service? Absolutely!!

    The 411 on Bottle Service in Vegas

    The most frequent question asked of me in the past, when I was a host in a Vegas nightclub, "Should I get a table?" My answer was always yes and continues to be the same to anyone that plans to make a particular club the center of their evening, especially when they are accompanied by others, especially women. There are a lot of ways people talk themselves out of getting a table, which always requires bottle service, the biggest being the amount of money it cost overall for the luxury of having a spot. Most of the time people do not realize its about the same cost as standing at the bar and paying entry at the venue, minus the belittling and wasted time.

    No table, means coming early at clubs like Tao, Hakkasan, 1OAK and Surrender Nightclub to get a jump on the line or going online buying tickets to see a particular DJ do a limited timed out set, which you don't make it through its entirety, due to frustration. Once you have waited to get in, wearing the clothing to adhere to the specific dress code, you soon find yourself in another line after getting approval from the rope guy you have been staring at, hoping he would give you the attention that you have been trying to get for the last hour. Now you have finally made it in, after watching numerous groups go in ahead of you, despite the fact that you came before them and they are not in dress code, noticing a host directing them with a little slip of paper and being extremely nicer than they were to you.

    Finally you have made it to the main event, music blasting, people everywhere, working your way to the bar to order some long awaited drinks. You are starting to get back the excitement that you had anticipating how your night out was going to be, until the bartender asks if you are starting a tab or paying cash, then hits you with the bill, average drink costing about $13 to $17 each, OUCH!

    Reggie with hot girlsReggie Carroll and friends at Vegas Nightclub

    You go with the flow, making the best of the situation, taking turns paying with your buddies, while at the same time jockeying to maintain your position at the bar, but giving up to move around, checking things out around the club and in different areas. You find yourself being pushed and told to move out of various areas when you are just trying to see your favorite DJ play, make your way onto the dance floor, or just trying to checkout someone you have found attractive, and want to approach.

    Overall, you spent $50 to get in, $200 on drinks trading off rounds, $300 on your outfit which isn't your normal style, and would spend any amount to avoid all of the drama of just trying to hangout without a table. I have not even mentioned that all the girls you have liked, that are hot and having fun, are all at tables. The celebrity who is hosting the party, you can't see them because you would need a table to be near the area and be above the GA crowd that is blocking the view. I have not talked about how bad it is if you came with girls that you are trying to impress, celebrate an occasion with, or the toughest situation of all, the make up good time with your significant other to prove to her that you want to have a great time just like you do when you are out without her. And that costs you even more money in the long run, because you are stuck with a constant complainer, who has lost all confidence in you as a man, and you forced to do something else down the road to make up for the bad experience.

    Should You Get Bottle Service at any Vegas Nightclub?Is Bottle Service Worth it? The perks are definitely worth it.

    Your girlfriend is already planning in her head the next trip to Vegas without you and hanging out with somebody that has a table! If you are with more than one girl, give in, and get the table, because after their horrific walk and wait in line for the bathroom, they will be wanting to kill you, if they have not already called it a night with you. Let's go back to the beginning, you decide to get a table from the start, ahead of time, booked with a host referred to you or online with zexzoo.com. You have discussed the best time for you to arrive with your group and dress code too.

    Now you are on the inside track of things, wearing your favorite sneakers, jeans, one of your better shirts, and totally comfortable being you. You didn't have to buy yourself any mandatory clothing, instead, you could buy your significant other something nice to make the night that much better. Upon arrival, you should already have a nice crisp $100 dollar bill at the minimum for the host for making your entry smooth and to guarantee a descent table. You get your ID's checked, followed by the host with the little slip escorting you to your table, and you walk in ahead of all the people not getting a table.

    You are now a part of the action, a full view of where your favorite DJ is going to be, a place for you and all of your group to sit, with a hot waitress, cool bussers, and a big security guy. To insure the best time, tip the busser and security right away, nothing less than $50 each. By doing that, you will not want for anything else in the course of the night, from cigarettes to being walked to and from the bathroom. A group of about 6, is the perfect size, usually good with buying two bottles, costing you about $1500, which also would cover your waitresses tip too.

    bottle service presentation in vegasThe bottle presentation at some clubs in vegas are amazing

    You are having the time of your life, dancing and romancing, scoring points for setting up and doing things right. The situation is even better if you came out with just the guys, girls flock to tables effortlessly, your security and busser guys are always willing to take care of you when you are taking care of them, its Vegas! You might think that you are buying into the shallowness and materialistic world of going out, but that is just an excuse and what you tell yourself when you are being cheap or unable spend the necessary amount of money to do things right.

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