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  • Dec 06, 2013 • 312 page views

    Reggie's Thanksgiving Eve

    thanksgiving at nightclubs in vegasReggie Carroll's Thanksgiving in Vegas

    Thanksgiving Eve is always one of the most underrated nights out in Las Vegas. Surrender Nightclub was absolutely the place to be last Wednesday night, Diplo live, Twerks-Giving! I walked into the club expecting to see a lot of people barely sober and a jam packed bar, only to find the place beyond capacity with every single table taken for bottle service. The crowd went from the ropes in front of the DJ booth, near the entrance,to the very back of the winter tent which expanded to casino parlor area. I can honestly say that Diplo single handedly took over the night with his small army of Twerkers surrounding and above him and his turntables. He played every hit hip hop, edm, top 40, and vintage jam that you didn't even know that you wanted to hear and dance too.

    It was that kind of night, when you didn't get angry because random people were dancing to close or singing the words wrong, just fun! I lucked out, getting front row seating, joining the tables of Hakkasan and XS, who were out in force representing their venues. There was an even greater bonus of being in that area, The Stripper Pole, which had girls waiting in line for its use for any amount of available time. I stood atop of one of the couches in my area, for a view, to catch a glimpse of the sea of people, that covered the entire floor and blocked out the bar. I am very sure that people will have their calendars marked for next year in hopes of another great Thanksgiving Eve in Las Vegas!

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