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  • Dec 15, 2013 • 1039 page views

    Justin Timberlake in Concert

    Justin Timberlake at the MGM GrandJustin Timberlake in Concert!

    Las Vegas got Justin Timberlake and was thankful for him for Thanksgiving! There is no limit to the amount of praise deserved by the "20/20 Experience" that had MGM Grand Arena jam packed over the holiday weekend. I went to the show, both nights, sitting in two completely different sections, and had an even better time on the second go around with JT. It was so much more than just the three hour performance he did, that was a combination of him singing, dancing, socializing with the audience, making us laugh and just have a good time.

    reggie and friend at the concertReggie Carroll and friend

    He was the Ultimate Entertainer, being the sexy ladies man to the females, and the cool guy that every male wished was his wing man. He sang every song you wanted to hear and others that you had forgotten and performed new ones you instantly wanted to add to your personal catalog.

    I will try to write out the masterpiece of these two nights for you and the overall affect it had on Sin City. Lets start with the ladies; their wardrobe for the most part, was sexy and on point, lots of heels with a lot of short dresses and skirts. A lot of hair salons made money around the city, because there weren't too many women in the audience that didn't look their absolute best. He had females singing his lyrics from the age of 15 to 60, and all of them screaming for more Justin! There were a lot of guys putting on their very best JT impressions, wearing collared shirts, bow ties, and either a sweater or vest atop of the combos, with the Sport Coat Jacket!

    JT in concert at the MGM GrandJT on stage at the MGM Grand

    The audience was on time, drinking, but not to the point of trying to get drunk, just enhancing the experience. There were a lot of couples, Vegas and Celebrity who's who, and of course a kick ass liquor sponsored section on the very far back of the floor. Parking lot was just about full, valet was VIP and hotel guests only, the restaurants were sold out. The JT Retail Stands had multiple lines six people deep too.

    Now with all of this going on, we got Justin Timberlake at 9:01pm on stage for three hours with a ten minute intermission. He did not stop! His band was live, dance troop was incredible, backup singers were awesome, and his moving stage that came all the way out to the furthest back of the fans was amazing. The coolest part of the show, was him downing a shot with the audience and walking down to the floor level to sing to a few lucky fans face to face. He barely broke a sweat, never missed a step, took time to really feel and play with the audience, and his voice never cracked! One of the greatest performances I have ever seen in my life twice, Bravo Justin Timberlake!.

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