• How to Skip the Lines at Vegas Nightclubs

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    Want to Skip the Lines at Popular Vegas Nightclubs: Here’s the Do’s and Dont’s

    So, you’ve finally made it to Vegas. You’ve got the dress clothes on, the attitude in check, the hair in place and the credit card cleared for takeoff.

    You’re on your way to the swanky Vegas mega-club you’ve picked out—the one with crocodile-embossed VIP booths, famous DJs and celebrities glittering by the pool.
    But your face pales as you round the corner and discover a line longer than the Great Wall of China. Your worst fear is hanging out with the red velvet rope all night and the question lingers, “Will I ever get in?”
    The short answer to that question is you might. It really all depends. So, let’s take a look at a few do’s and don’ts to help make all that effort worth it. You didn’t come to Vegas to stand in line, did you?


    So, How Do You Skip The Lines at Popular Vegas Nightclubs?


    how to skip long night club lines in VegasAvoid long lines at trendy Vegas nightclubs with these tips

    Do: Dress for success.

    Hey, we’re not judging you. We don’t care what you wear when you’re not standing in line at a nightclub that serves $10,000 bottles of champagne. But when in Vegas, do as the Vegans do: Leave the athletic wear at home. Play it up. Dress for success. Say yes to the dress.

    You’re trying to convince the guy at the door that you belong inside that club and showing up in baggy jeans and a baseball hat isn’t going to do it for you. You want to look sleek and trendy and remember that skin is in. Pearls and penny loafers are for church.

    Girls should wear light and stylish clothing like a mini cocktail dress with beaded heels, or a pair of dark jeans and an embellished silk top and a pair of wedges. And keep this in mind: Sex might sell in Vegas, but the nightclubs are looking for beauty and refinement, too. Don’t overdo the “skimpy” look. Guys do best in fitted, sophisticated styles like a dark-colored suit and stylish shoes.

    It’s a good idea to visit a nightclub’s website and read about their individual dress codes. And here’s a tip: There are shops that rent designer clothes for a smidgeon of the price those clothes would cost to buy. Need some assistance? Be sure to call one of our concierge experts here at zexzoo.com. Our number to call, day or night, is (877) 939-9661.

    Do: Make a list of work-around solutions.

    Looking good is a must, but there are other ways to skip the line. It might take a little time and effort, but it’s worth a shot. First off, book your room at the hotel where your selected nightclub is located. When you call to make a reservation, ask if you can score a line pass to the club since you’re reserving a room at the hotel.

    Another path to escape resistance is to ask the concierge at your own hotel to call and make a reservation for you at the club of your choice. Give him a list of your top three choices and then give him a tip for the favor.

    Another great work-around option is to dine at one of the restaurants in the hotel where the nightclub is located. Some of the hotels even have package deals where a nightclub pass is included with the meal. Here’s where doing your homework pays off. You’ve got to call around to see which restaurants offer these packages. The concierge at your hotel should also be able to point you in the right direction, too. Don’t want the hassle? Call or email our concierge expert James at james@zexzoo.com, or by phone at (877) 939-9661.

    As a last resort, visit the club on an “off” night when lines are shorter and the atmosphere is a bit more laid back. Sunday through Wednesday are your best bets.

    Do: Purchase a nightclub package.

    Essentially, you’re just buying your way in but it works. Visit the zexzoo.com package page for nightclub packages to the club of your choice. And don’t assume they’re all beyond your budget. Packages cover front-of-the-line admission, bottle service at tables and expensive VIP packages.

    vip treatment avoid the nightclub linesBest ways to skip waiting in line at popular Vegas night clubs?

    Don’t: Show up with a group only of other guys.

    Let’s set the record straight here: Clubs want gorgeous girls to party in their clubs because they draw the guys in. If you and your seven guy friends get in line together, you’re chances of cracking a beer in that club have just decreased to barely nada no matter how great you look.

    Be creative here. Break up into groups of two or three` and find a group of girls to be your decoy. Just politely walk up to them, introduce yourself and tell them your chances of getting into the club would be greatly increased if they let you hang out with them in line. You can offer to pay their cover charge as a thank you.

    Don’t: Hassle the doorman.


    Just because your cousin dated Ashton Kutcher’s neighbor’s niece doesn’t mean you’re going to be ushered past the velvet ropes. These doormen have heard it all and they don’t really care who you know. (Unless you are, in fact, Ashton Kutcher.)

    The best thing you can do is to walk up to a doorman, tell him about your group and ask him if there’s a way you can avoid the line. Be polite, be calm and charming but don’t expect any miracles. And the word is that tipping doesn’t really help much either. They’ve got a whole line of people who are waiting to get in and who are just as eager to slip him some cash as you are.

    Don’t: Give up.

    The worst case scenario is that you wait in line. Have your smart phone charged, play some Angry Birds, check out the amazing scenery, talk to the people in line next to you. In short, settle in for the long wait and hope for the best. A good tip is to get there before 10:00 p.m. so you’re closer to the front of the line.

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