• Everything You Need to Know About Throwing a Bachelor Party in Vegas

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    Call it what you like---stag party, bull’s party or bachelor party—a man’s last night of freedom is considered a universal rite of passage, celebrated in countries throughout the world. But where once a stag party was considered a one night deal, in recent years they’ve been taken to a whole new level, with weeklong destination parties that include strippers, gambling, drinking... and the occasional tiger in the hotel room.

    Here’s a fact: What’s the most popular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties? The most popular destination for bachelor parties in the United States is Las Vegas.

    Most bachelor parties are thrown by the best man or the groomsmen and while planning a stag in Vegas might seem straight forward, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Once you get the groomsmen to agree to splurge on a trip together, here are a few things you should know before heading to the grown man’s playground:

    Know your groom: Your first commandment is to know thy groom. Shy type? Or over-the-top adventurous kind of guy? Vegas is full of creative ideas and venues, so your planning can fit any kind of groomsman model. Maybe he’s the type of guy who’d rather hit the nightclubs and gamble less, or you know he’s into the Vegas pool scene and you throw a crazy afternoon at a dayclub into the mix. What you do with your time in Vegas should largely depend on what you think your groomsman would like—with a surprise or two thrown in for good measure.

    Pick your venues: With so much at your fingertips in Vegas, don’t wing it when you get here. Have a solid idea of what kinds of casinos, strip clubs, nightclubs, and pool clubs you’d like to include. The clock is ticking and you don’t want to waste precious time figuring out what to do. There are more than 50 mega-nightclubs in Vegas, so go on line and narrow down a few choices. Consider cost, type of club, DJs you want to see, the kind of music they feature, and the day of week that club is known to rev. If you’re looking at dayclubs, make sure they’re open when you arrive in Vegas (pool clubs are typically closed in the winter months) and pick a club that best matches your group’s vibes. Some pool clubs have a spring break-like atmosphere, while others are a bit more on the tame side. You don’t have to stick to a schedule by any means, but having a few restaurants and clubs narrowed down before you leave will make for a much smoother getaway.

    how to plan the best bachelor partyPlanning a Bachelor Party in Vegas?

    Need some ideas of activities while planning a bachelor party in Vegas?

    Some activities to choose from include: cigar lounges, sports bars, sporting events, gambling, strip clubs, shooting ranges, golfing, night and pool clubs and other outdoor activities.

    When you get to Vegas you can choose a venue to throw the actual “party.” These clubs frequently offer bachelor party packages. Here’s a few popular spots to consider:

    Spearmint Rhino: Packages at this popular strip club range from free limo pickup to bottle service to food and drink specials. The Rhino specializes in customized packages, so you can plan your party your way. Dedicated and detailed bachelor party packages are available here.

    XS Nightclub: One of the new mega-clubs on the block, XS is known for its extravagant interior and its beautiful 27,000-square feet of outdoor space. If you’ve got the bucks and you want to party here, this place is a great place to view the extravagance and the glitterati of Las Vegas.

    1OAK Nightclub: Reserve a table with bottle service here and get free limo service and premium seating. Two party rooms to choose from with their own DJs and ambience.

    Tryst Nightclub: Bachelor party packages here include discounts on limo service and VIP access. This tropical oasis brings the outdoors in with great outdoor space with a waterfall.

    Hakkasan Nightclub: Extravagant nightclub with outstanding dining, this popular place offer VIP packages. Hakkasan is a massive 80,000-square foot entertainment space that delivers an amazing experience on each of its levels.

    Hyde Nightclub: With a super-sized lounge and dance bar, Hyde is designed to feel like an actual villa on Lake Como. VIP packages are available with table service and hosted entrance.

    Surrender Nightclub: Hey, Justin Timberlake threw his bachelor party here. Some of the world’s most famous DJs are residents here, too and the Wynn hotel is a great venue for dinner, dancing and clubbing. Several VIP packages are available.

    tips for planning your Las Vegas bachelor partyGet the most out of your Vegas bachelor party with these tips.

    Know your budget: If your group can’t afford the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons, don’t despair. There are more than 124,000 hotel rooms in Vegas and so there’s a hotel to meet every kind of need. Get together with the other people who’ve been invited and figure out how much you want to spend. The vast majority of bachelor parties rent out hotel suites and everyone shares in the cost. There are suites with every kind of theme imaginable: suites modeled after a basketball court (complete with a locker room and space for 350 people to party on the gym floor), and the typical lavish suite complete with kitchens and incredible views. Your budget will determine where you party and where you stay. Traveling on a budget? Try mixing it up a bit: One night hit up a swanky club and the next night tone it down at a brew pub. And figure out where you want to invest your money: Is the hotel the most important thing, or are you looking for the best nightclubs with bottle service at a table near the dance floor?

    Consider a party planning service: Don’t have time to do your own research to plan the perfect stag? You might want to take advantage of one of the popular bachelor party planners, like the expert ones here on Zexzoo.com. These services make it very easy: You can pick a theme (strip club whirlwinds, for example, or bar crawls) and they’ll create a package designed around your needs and interests. The best thing about hiring a service to plan your party is you get to take advantage of their wealth of knowledge. They know the ins and outs of Vegas: the best hotels for your budget; how to reserve a table at a nightclub; even how to skip the line at a mega-club. Services also include airport transportation, limo service throughout your trip, and all the reservations you might need at restaurants and hotels. They’re like the wedding planner of the bachelor party world and their only task is to help you get your party on.

    Book early: Once again, planning is key. The cheapest flights are booked early, and you don’t want to risk being shut out of your favorite pick for hotels because you didn’t reserve far enough in advance. You want to get everything nailed down for your trip at least three months in advance. Remember that three-day holiday weekends will be the busiest—and most expensive times—to visit Vegas.

    Wise Advice: Remember that Vegas has laws like any other city in America, and the police have a strong presence on the strip. Party with enthusiasm--- but don’t include looking for bail money as part of your itinerary.

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