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  • May 20, 2014

    Top 10 Shows in Vegas: 2014

    The problem with Vegas is the seemingly endless possibilites. there are restaurants, shows, clubs...and the list goes on. In this article we list some of the outstanding and popular shows here in Vegas to help make your decision making making a little easier.

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  • May 9, 2014

    Top 12 Popular Drinks in Las Vegas

    Many of the amazing clubs and venues in Sin City have signature cocktails created by master mixologists. Here are the absolute best hand-crafted drinks.

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  • Apr 1, 2014

    A Guide to Vegas Tours

    Just when you think you’ve done it all—gambled, drank, swam, and played, you might want to try another kind of adventure: The Las Vegas tour.

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  • Mar 16, 2014

    The Ten Best Hangover Cures

    What happens when you drink too much? Here's some useful info on what causes a hangover and what you can do to prevent one the next time you go partying.

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  • Mar 14, 2014

    Everything You Need to Know About Throwing a Bachelor Party in Vegas

    Call it what you like---stag party, bull’s party or bachelor party—a man’s last night of freedom is considered a universal rite of passage, celebrated in countries throughout the world. But where once a stag party was considered a one night deal, in recent years they’ve been taken to a whole new level, with weeklong destination parties that include strippers, gambling, drinking... and the occasional tiger in the hotel room.

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  • Mar 13, 2014

    How to Skip the Lines at Vegas Nightclubs

    Want to Skip the Lines at Popular Vegas Nightclubs: Here’s the Do’s and Dont’s

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  • Mar 12, 2014

    Las Vegas Pool and Day Clubs

    Day and pool clubs in Las Vegas are not your grandmother’s pool club with a few deck chairs tossed around an outdoor pool. These clubs bring the night scene to daylight with luxurious cabanas for lounging, pool-side spa treatments, headlining DJ’s, and plenty of booze and sun. Think of it as a whole new way to get your party on in Vegas while the sun is shining.

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  • Mar 11, 2014

    What Is An Independent Host?

    An independent host is just as it sounds---a host that works independently of the clubs in Las Vegas but has contacts at many of the venues to make for a less stressful evening for visitors. They’re the kind of people for whom the red velvet rope magically opens, or who can get the price of bottle service lowered at most of the mega-clubs.

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  • Mar 8, 2014

    A Guide to Vegas Night Clubs

    You thought gambling was big in Las Vegas? It’s the nightclub scene that’s getting all of the attention now, with its world famous DJ’s, multi-floor venues the size of football fields, unparalleled mega-glitz and all night heart-pounding parties. Nine out of the ten top nightclubs in America are now located in Las Vegas, which is stealing New York’s moniker as the city that never sleeps. read more

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