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Experience the luxuries of Vegas with a custom nightlife package designed specifically for you and your group.

Las Vegas Bottle Service has fast become the predominant way to enjoy a night out at a bachelor party or as a VIP. “Las Vegas Bottle Service,” a.k.a. “Table Reservations,” or “Beverage Spend Minimums” allows nightclub patrons to celebrate the nightlife as an exclusive guest of the club.

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Premium Las Vegas VIP Concierge Services

Experienced, discreet and reliable - zexzoo® brings more than 50 years of experience to nightlife planning. We do it all. From party planning to delivering outstanding service to our Las Vegas VIPs, our focus is on bringing our customers the best in Las Vegas nightlife experiences. We’re known for our brilliant bachelor parties and exciting gentlemen’s club packages and for professionally catering to the needs of each and every client.

Because we partner with only the best venues that Vegas has to offer, our customers choose from the hottest clubs on the strip:

Do you have a unique event planned for a memorable occasion?

Our experienced senior staff can assist you in planning any kind of occasion no matter how big or small. Our VIP services partner with more than one hundred vendors that offer exclusive experiences at Las Vegas Night Clubs, Vegas Restaurants, Las Vegas Shows, Vegas Tours, Attractions as well as Strip Clubs in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas night club DJWe take the pressure off by planning your Las Vegas trip or event for you - from the smallest to the biggest details. We offer a range of VIP concierge services - from restaurant reservations, to hotel rooms, to Las Vegas shows and event planning.

Looking for the best day club? Confused about the night clubs? Looking for a discounted 5-star hotel? We’ve got you covered.

Our hosts ensure your evening or event is perfect from start to finish, and we guarantee you’ll find yourself right where you want to be---experiencing the best of what Vegas has to offer. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the city, and we pass along all of the exciting parties, events and venues that are hot on the Vegas calendar.

We offer luxury transportation and champagne limousine pick-up services - so you start the night off right.

Our services begin well before the sun goes down. If you’re looking for daytime activities, we’ve got your covered: golf tee times, day and pool clubs, spa reservations and tours... Zexzoo is on call 24/7 to make your trip to Vegas memorable all day and every day. And special requests are our specialty.

We’re here to make your life easier by taking the complexity out of the many choices the city has to offer.

Our relationships with our valued partners allow our customers to access places not always available to the average visitor. And we get down to basics: If you book a table at a night club with bottle service, we can show you where you’ll be seated. Our years of experience bring our customers value---from knowing the best tables at a nightclub to directing you to the best clubs to go to each and every night of the week.

Our services go beyond scoring you great Table Service. Our VIP nightclub entry allows our customers to walk right past the lines at the front door---and even to the front of the table service line. At our partner clubs, you’ll never see last minute charges added to your bill: What you pay for is what you get. We work with club management in advance to ensure that the night goes exactly the way you’ve planned.

It’s something you won’t find at other concierge services. Our years of experience always benefits you. Our long list of services covers everything... if you can dream it, we can make it happen:

  • Jet Charters
  • Limo Service
  • Body Guards
  • Conventions
  • Events
  • Golf
  • Special Occasions
  • Holidays
  • Hosted Entry
  • Photos/Videos
  • Table Reservations
  • Party Packages
  • Party Bus
  • Exotic Cars

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Las Vegas VIP Nightlife FAQ

What is bottle service?

Referred to by many names, Las Vegas Bottle Service simply allows guests to receive a pre-assigned seating location at the nightclub. It also requires guests to spend a minimum amount of money in order to keep their table.

The practice was first made popular in Europe in the late 1980’s and the concept has now spread to the Americas. In order to receive table service you must reserve a table, and frequently, a minimum amount of liquor must be purchased. Some Las Vegas establishments charge for both the table and the liquor. On average you can expect to purchase one bottle per three males and one bottle per four females. The minimum number of bottles to be purchased starts at two bottles on weekends and may require more depending upon the size of your party. (Sorry guys. Bottle service discounts are not offered to large groups of males.)

What is table service?

Making a reservation usually involves the following:

  1. You must reserve a table.
  2. You must purchase the minimum number of bottles required for the specific club you have chosen. Some nightclubs, strip clubs and concert venues in Las Vegas require a minimum number of bottles to be purchased depending on the night or weekend. Some nightclubs enforce a table service fee for premier table placement.

Reserving table service is the most important part of the VIP reservation process. The earlier the better, as you want to avoid sitting near the bathroom or the back door. Our services include helping you to get the best table available by using our own table seating charts for every club in Vegas. It allows you to select where you would like to sit inside the club prior to your arrival.

What is a beverage minimum?

Night club venues such as TAO, Marquee and LAVO are now enforcing a beverage minimum as a way of fading out the traditional Las Vegas Bottle Service prices and minimums. This new system keeps a tab of the client’s total bill at the venue--- less tax and gratuities. This way, food, beverage and any other expenditures are factored into your bill-not just the alcohol. This gives customers more flexibility and ease, and alleviates having to worry about how many bottles of liquor have been purchased.

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