Reggie C. commented

Rick Ross did not bring in the crowd like the Hardrock was expecting last night. It was a disappointing time from the very beginning, starting with the Valet Shakedown to park me on a super slow night. I walked into the Hardrock, which had a clear lobby, and about seven people at the bar in front of Vanity. I was taken care of by the great staff at Vanity, who informed me that they were charging general admission of $75 for guys and $40 for the ladies. I walked in around 2am, just as Rick Ross entered the venue, to a barely halfway filled room. Ricky Rozay did his thing for about twenty minutes, doing a few of his newest singles. There was a good vibe with the music being played by DJ Franzen, but to many dudes and ugly out of shaped women. Two things were good about Vanity, there was plenty of room to move around, and the music was excellent.