Reggie C. commented

I completely skipped the main level where Above and Beyond were playing and went straight to the Ling Ling Room, where Eric D-Lux was putting on a show. I knew it was the coolest place to be in Vegas this very night, the unannounced preparty for the Skam Artist 10 Year Anniversary Party. D-lux was at his absolute best with all of his peers cheering him on, in the background, notable and famous djs, including Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Irie, DJ Crooked, DJ Neva, DJ Justin Credible, Eric Cubichee, DJ Ross One and many more. It was the best collection of hip hop djs from all over the United States in one room vibing with their fearless leader Sujit! Pretty Special to be in the mix of all of the action. Shame on Hakkasan for not having Eric D-Lux in the main room.