Reggie C. commented

It was a no brainer to go to Hakkasan after going to see Justin Timberlake live at the MGM. I went where the girls were all definitely going, and to take my night to another level, catching Quest Love of the Roots playing a live dj set in the Ling Ling Room. Every catwalk was filled with girls dancing and feeling the vibe of the room. Quest came on with fire from the start, dropping some vintage Philly Hip Hop, getting everyone to move and fill the energy. I saw quite a few bottles of champagne come out, along with a lot of shots going up over and over throughout the course of the night. I went upstairs for a lap, seeing that the room was full, with almost every table sat, and everyone anticipating Fergie. Hakkasan was definitely the place on this past Saturday, when mostly every other club would have loved to have at least half their business.