Reggie C. commented

Don Johnson! Don Johnson! That was the only guy anybody working for Hyde last night would have had a twinkle in their eyes for, with him doing his usual routine of buying obnoxiously large sized Champagne Bottles. The club was more than happy to accommodate him and his small list of unsaid demands which anyone knows if they want his business. First, he must be announced when entering the room and usually with signage or in lights, Don Mutha F*5#@^ Johnson! Second, you better have his favorite Bon Jovi songs on que, especially Living On A Prayer. And most importantly after the over the top presentation of whatever bottle he orders, lots of hot girls to drink the Champagne that he never drinks. There are other things that are necessary, he usually only likes one particular table, so if it is sat, you must move, clear, or leave it open until he arrives. He does not drink any of the bubbly that he is famous for ordering, he takes huge chugs from his bottles and then spits it out all over whoever and whatever is close to him. He loves to be the life of the party and has to be given the mic to become the MC as long as he likes. As long as you do those things, you insure his business and will could possibly have a record breaking night on the books. DMFJ made the night for Hyde last night!