Reggie C. commented

Wow! And Wow Again! There is no one picture or description to describe how good Marquee's first Winter Pool Party was this past Sunday afternoon. There were a lot of plus factors in favor of the timing, a lot of people were in Vegas for the Magic Convention; it was day two of a three day weekend; the weather was perfect, and there was a lot of industry ready to show their Summer Bodies they have been working on all winter. I was very I impressed to start receiving texts from various nightlife industry at 2pm, asking me where I was and telling me how crazy the party had kicked off. I walked in a little after 3pm, to the inside of the club going strong, with almost every table sat and most people in swimsuit attire. There was a lot of bottle popping inside and the outside was a get in where you fit in event! The crowd was beautiful, from the many guys showing their abs, to the girls looking like they were out of a Maxim Swimsuit Issue, it was a bring your A-Game kind of afternoon. Dash Berlin killed it, everyone was definitely given a real taste of EDC, even if you didn't like EDM, you did yesterday. Brilliant Event, will be one of the best pool parties of the year, and amazing that it was pulled off in the middle of February on Valentine's Day Weekend, where Friday and Saturday were weak nights all over The Strip.