Reggie C. commented

Why were you not there? You could not go anywhere around town or look in any Vegas Industry Publications without seeing advertisement for the event at Marquee. It was awesome to have so many of the best djs in the country playing in one room on the same night together. It was a real testament of where hip hop and all aspects of the nightlife industry has evolved to its current status. The DJ is no longer just a guy that can be anybody off the street, but a very intricate part of making or breaking the night of a club. Also, the DJ is now a real sought after and respected profession, with prestige associated with there gigs and where they get them, who comes, and most of all, the hype of when and where they are playing next! Skam Artist has the world of hip hop on lock and there djs will also surprise and show you that they hold there own in the world of EDM too! Keep doing your thing Skam Artist!