Reggie C. commented

The Strip was slow and all of the clubs were nothing close to their normal crowds, with the exception of Surrender. It was better than cold water in the desert on a hot Vegas Day! Lil Jon killed it, playing everything, from the hottest edm to hip hop, and being a show within his own set. He came from behind the soundboard to take the stage in front of his booth, to hand out shots, while his hit song Shots was blasting all over the club, Awesome. He followed that up by spraying and pouring out multiple bottles of Champagne all over the crowd that covered the dance floor. The topper was when he pulled out a random male partier onto the stage with him to drank Champagne from the bottle and then spray it all over the crowd. Everyone loved it and him, while he kept drinking with his crew, shots from his own personal bottle of Don Julio that was completely custom, with Bling Bling, including the cap! There were many who's who of Vegas Nightlife in attendance at tables near the booth, full of models, including Surrender's owner, Sean Christie. A Very Kick Ass Time!