Reggie C. commented

Big S/O and Thank you to all the host and management for taking care of me last night. I had a blasts with my friends and coworkers. Big difference and experience going to the club at the beginning of the night, excellent service. The club was full, with a lot of high quality tables, mostly the convention crowd, and definitely could have used a few more girls. The music was well rounded and the dance floor stayed full majority of the evening. I love that the lights are always up and that I can see everything around the room. It is becoming a regular problem for all of the clubs to have a descent amount of women. All of the hot girls in Vegas work for the many clubs that are always open and competing against each other, so no more random hot girls, Sucks. Overall, my night was good at Tryst, they still have some of the sexiest waitresses and bartenders on The Strip!