Reggie C. commented

DJ Five was the only thing good on Monday Night at XS. It is unfortunate that over the past year, the club has loss key components of their marketing team, which is starting to show. It is always great to have young and eager new hosts in waiting, but no good when they don't understand the business or know the industry. Someone needs to educate the hosts at the minimum that are manning the door when the real hosts leave to go inside or home, that there are men of color that aren't pimps or douche bags. I was told to go to the general admission entrance after the four eyed cheap suit knock off shoe wearing host looked me up and down and decided to direct me to the front instead of asking me why I wanted to come in the VIP Entrance or if I were joining a table, or if I was in the industry. Granted I did have on sneakers, but they were custom Air Force Ones, in perfect condition, that sell for a minimum $500 if you could find them anywhere, which would be extremely hard to do. Everything else that I was wearing was from Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus, which the last time I checked, only sell nice high end clothing. It would not have been a big deal to me, had it not been the fifth time in the last few weeks that this BS happened to me when trying to go to XS. It is sad when multiple members of the security team recognize me before the hosts because I am in the industry, constantly with or bring in good customers, and know everyone up to the Owner, Managing Partner, Jessie Waits, all the way back to when he started out in Las Vegas as a bus boy. I understand its a big operation, and management can't stay atop of everything, but they might want to make sure that they keep the lowest guys on the Totem pole in check and aware.