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zexzoo leaderboard

zexzoo would like to recognize our top participants of all time. Congratulations!

  • These guys are the ones who are there, day and night, plugging away to make zexzoo the site you love.

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    top contributers
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     44,825 total points
    VIP Logan R. Las Vegas

     32,695 total points Katherine G.
     29,340 total points Mallory B.
  • Opinions expressed may not reflect management's views. Or it may. Who can tell these things. Tell us what you think.

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    busiest reviewers
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     58 reviews submitted
    VIP Logan R. Las Vegas

     57 reviews submitted Keith S.
     49 reviews submitted Katherine G.
  • The 'live feed' is one of the hallmarks of Zexzoo®. Feed posts keep the site fresh and relevant.

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    most comments
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     444 feed posts
    Ambassador Reggie C. Las Vegas

     111 feed posts Mallory B.
     76 feed posts Logan R.
  • Got an opinion? Express yourself and get points too! This is not the FB like.

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    most likes/dislikes
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     1,074 clicked
    Comped James C. Las Vegas

     902 clicked Logan R.
     756 clicked Mallory B.
  • Positive affirmations—we all like them. Look who has them in spades.

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    most liked
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     775 likes from others
    VIP Logan R. Las Vegas

     742 likes from others Katherine G.
     359 likes from others Reggie C.
  • Some people attract friends the way a pond attracts ducks. Quack quack.

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    most friends
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     1,646 friends
    Front of the Line Tiffany K. Las Vegas

     893 friends Mo N.
     435 friends Freddy B.
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