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Reggie C. reviewed Hakkasan

Hakkasan is beautiful, full of detailed artistry throughout the venue, and an extremely good looking staff. Bottle service is a must when attending, expedites the wait in line, a guaranteed place to put your belongings and sit, and most of all, receive the best service possible. The club overall is overwhelming to the average person, with its multi-leveled seating in the main room, another huge area off to the right side, and a completely separate level below, the Ling Ling Room. I recommend the Ling Ling Room, which usually has hip hop and pop being played when its opened on the busier nights of operation and also has guest djs from around the country. The most impressive part of the club is the overall setup of the dance floor and the surrounding areas. The DJ Booth is the coolest setup in the entire club, with its own VIP table, more tables on its sides, a dance area with room enough for choreographed routines by the many professional dancers in its employ, and complemented by the coolest laser light show you will see on the strip. The draw of the club is its internationally known EDM Headliners, such as Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Dada Life, Steve Aoki, Rehab, and many more of the world's best. It is definitely worth the hype, just make sure to bring your wallet and dress your best, it is not cheap in anyway. Key Note to keep in mind, this is one of The Strip's premiere clubs, so expect a little attitude at the ropes.

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