Las Vegas live feed

zexzoo® is all about nightlife and synching those who are seeking others that share their tastes or interests. It's often not easy to meet new people in a new area or while on vacation, right? Well, we're here to change that! The live feed below will instantly display users in your vicinity who are looking to find others, meet up with friends or those who share local trending topics with others.

While hanging out at clubs, bars and lounges all over the city, our fabulous live feed allows everyone to share thoughts, ideas, photos, videos and comments LIVE as you party thru the night. You can help your fellow partygoers and get back the info you're looking for by posting whatever you're seeing or feeling at any time.

Make some new acquaintances with people who are into what you are into and we promise the more you give, the more you'll get!

zexzoo® las vegas live feed

Real time stream from our members with confirmed users at local venues!

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