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Each year as you accumulate points, you are closer and closer to holding a prestigious roll in the zexzoo® member family. Once you have reached a certain status level, you must maintain those points each year. By maintaining your points you will hold your status level. By earning more points, you can work your way up. By earning less than your previous status/year, you will be dropped down to the appropriate status level in that point range.

Below is a list of our VIP statuses. Be sure to check out the excellent perks from the zexzoo® reward zone and decide which level is best for you! Simply set your goal, and get your "social" on!

  • Front of the Line

    front of the line

    0 - 1,499 points

    Every user begins at the "front of the line." Even though you're not "in the club" yet, your road ahead is much easier than standing online at a Las Vegas nightclub!

  • On the List

    on the list

    1,500 - 4,999 points

    Congratulations! I think we can all agree, being "on the list" is a great thing. You're on your way for admittence to this exclusive club. With this status you'll be familiarizing yourself with the mobile app and it's unique technology which allows LIVE interaction with users at all of the local hotspots in your area. We call it the live feed and it's a fantastic tool to meet people, hook up with friends and find out what's happening NOW.

  • Comped


    5,000 - 24,999 points

    Now you're climbing the social ladder! As your friend list grows, you become more recognizable. Everybody likes to be treated to a little-something "on the house" and your new status is nothing short of that. Keep creating reviews and feed posts to build some notoriety... you never know who's watching! You are on your way to being a true VIP. Why not begin uploading photos of your adventures?

  • VIP


    25,000 - 199,999 points

    "Very Important Person", one of the most coveted titles in all of nightlife. Velvet ropes begin to part as your friends list grows. You should begin to notice more invitations to exclusive parties and deal opportunities. Thanks to your reviews and news feed contributions, people have a sense of who you are. Make sure to check in with our mobile zexzoo® app so that others can join the party!

  • Socialite


    200,000 - 999,999 points

    Congratulations, you have really made a name for yourself in this town! Thanks for all your reviews, you have enriched and enlightened other members. People have been watching and interacting with your nightlife adventures. You can most certainly expect other members to look to you for guidance. They know you know where the party's at! It's almost like you should get paid for your expertise. Could ambassador entourage be on your horizon?

  • ambassador entourage

    ambassador's entourage

    1,000,000 points

    During the lifetime of your account, your points will have a master-tally adding all the points you have accumulated each year. When you reach 1,000,000 points you will become part of the inner sanctum, an exclusive society, part of the elite group, and you will retain this status forever.

    Upon reaching this status, you're flown out to the zexzoo® headquarters in Las Vegas for an all-expenses paid night on the town with us and you will be interviewed to become a paid ambassador for the zexzoo® team!


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