Zexzoo® point earning

Zexzoo® members earn points in a myriad of ways from posting reviews, comments, voting on hot pics, "liking", coming to events in Las Vegas and much more. Most ways of interacting on Zexzoo® results in a user being awarded with points. For instance, you will receive points for "liking" another user's photo and the author of that photo is awarded more points also.

The more points you earn increases your individual reputation and you will continue to rise in our status ranks, but that's not all... At Zexzoo®, we offer a multitude of prizes in our store to members. As points accumulate, cash them in for fabulous prizes, experiences and opportunities. Earned points can be used for free drinks at the most popular venues nightclubs, VIP bottle service, restaurants, and much much more!

Here's a comprehensive list of things users can participate in to earn points, and how much each is worth.

earning points*

action points each
sign up on Zexzoo® and verify your account 500
upload your first profile pic 250
extended profile creation (adding info to additional fields) 250
signing in to the mobile app or the website (once a day max) 50
sending a friend request 10
accepting a friend request 50
having a friend request accepted 50
"liking" content 5
being "liked" 10
"disliking" content (max of 40 points per day) 5
"being disliked" 0
designating a photo as "hot" 10
create an EQ review (100 characters or more) 200
designating a review as helpful, hilarious, wrong, or pointless 10
having your review designated as helpful 10
points for posting to the live feed
text-only content10
photo-only content10
text & photo content25
replies to your live feed posts 10
adding additional images to your profile (each) 15
rsvp to an event 10
"author points" (other users interacting with your content such as reviews, posts, etc.) 10
other members reply to your live feed posting 10
sharing content via facebook (look for the orange "+ share" buttons) 200
invite a friend to an event (each) 5
signing up for the Zexzoo® weekly newsletter in profile (deducted for unsubscribing) 250

coming soon

tagging friends in photos (once confirmed by user) 25
gps confirmed event check-in (max 3 different/night, at least 1 hour apart) 100
gps confirmed event check-in that you rsvp'd too (via mobile app) 500 ♠
signing in to the mobile app or the website for 30 consecutive days 500 ♠
reporting confirmed abuse to the zexzoo® webmaster 100 ♠

The more points you accumulate as a member of Zexzoo®, the better! Those with the highest scores will remain in top poll-position on our leaderboard. Why is this a good thing for you? Those at the top of the leaderboard will enjoy unprecedented exposure and point increases as new members see your page first and most often. This combined with great personal content will keep your points rising as members will interact with, and share your content!

indicates bonus points that do not contribute to daily maximums.

* Points for friend requests start on August 26, 2013 and does not apply to friends added before this date. We reserve the right to change future point values at any time. We also reserve the right to revoke points if abuse is suspected. The total points which can be accumulated per day is capped at 2000.

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