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reviewed on November 26, 2013
Marquee Las Vegas


Location: Las Vegas
  • Currently 86/5 Stars.
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last visited on 1.07.14
my scoresheet
  • 10/10Music and/or DJ
  • 5/10Room To Move
  • 9/10Good Looking Crowd
  • 8/10Parking
  • 10/10Polite Staff
  • 10/10Crowded Dance Floor
  • 10/10Ambience
  • 8/10Prices
  • 8/10Line Wait
  • 8/10Cover Charge
  • Would you go again? absolutely
pros:Good Music, Hot Waitresses, and Sexy Outside Pool Area
cons:Exiting down flights of stairs, No place to stand in the main room, Boom Box Room is not always open

Marquee Las Vegas is one of the best venues on The Strip, especially being a Day and Night Club. Its location is perfect, inside the newest and coolest casino in Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan. The music is always at its best, rather you like EDM, Pop, or Hip Hop, they play it all, in one of their many rooms. The Library, located on the third level, which looks like a real study room, filled with books, a pool table, a super cool lounge, where you are able to do bottle service, and a full bar on the back center wall. There is also a balcony that can be accessed from the room, overlooking the main dance floor area, giving you a real view of how crazy the place can be on any given night. One of the luxuries up top, is that its usually very relaxed and chill. The only drawback is that you have to hike up four sets of stairs, and will need to catch you breath if you aren't in the best shape. Another hidden area, is The Boom Box Room, located one level below the main room, which most of the time is Hip Hop Heaven. Its small with tables embanked around the back half of the room for bottle service, a good size dance floor in the middle, with the DJ Booth at the beginning of the dance floor, and the bar just behind it filling up the room. The most clever thing in the room is the wall full of old classic boom boxes hanging, reminding you of the infancy of Rap Music. Its full of energy, people who know all the lyrics to almost every song, dancing in any spot available, and a bar that's normally slammed or just has to many people leaning. Its one of my personal favorite spots in the city. Another plus of the lower area, the bathroom is located outside and normally does not have a line, and you can cool off from the heat generated in the tight space of fun. The main level is amazing, three full service bars, three divisions of the dance floor tables, and four more bottle service spots completing the room. The setup is centered around the DJ, who is on the back wall raised up above the dance floor, having a catwalk high above him where sexy choreographed routines are done by professional dancers, along with incredible graphic monitors and interactive laser lights going off at anytime. The dance floor starts just under the DJ booth, ending just before the ropes of the bottle service tables that are protected by security guards, forming the partiers into a large oval shape. The Gucci Row Seating, dance floor level are split into three sections, with ramps opened for limited passage and blocked by security, keeping people from crashing tables or overcrowding the pit of dancing. Directly behind and above the most wanted tables, are the mezzanine tables, which are better to me, overlooking the fist pumpers and glow stick wanderers, and also have a lower minimum bottle requirement. There are security guards behind each of the three areas keeping the flow of traffic and blocking out the unwanted from the seating. There are four more sections, bottle service tables on the back wall of the left side, where there is a secret unisex bathroom, the back wall on the right side, the very far right of the main room away from everything, and lastly, a few disappointing spots a few steps down before entering the pool area, in the bottom center. This leads to the last section of the club which also doubles as the Day Club. Leaving out of the main room, there are gambling tables of various games to your right, the beginning of the open areas of space to get air and mingle. To your left are tables at ground level and cabanas above overlooking their own private little pools and the big pool, all for bottle service. To your right are more tables and cabanas both at ground level. A large pool is in the center of things with a bar just before and a DJ booth at the end of it on its opposite end. Above the DJ booth, is a huge HD Screen, showing the featured artist at work. There is a large three sided bar on the back patio with bathrooms located just behind the wall of this final area of the club. The entrance is a bit difficult if you have never been before, just follow the signage that is well placed at the front of Marquee. There is a line for table reservations, prepaid tickets, general admission, guest list, and of course the what the hell is going on area, the front of the ropes too. The line moves at a descent rate, but sometimes once inside the ropes, its a world of confusion, and nobody knows he should be in ahead of the other. After getting by the ropes, showing ID, walked in or put into another line, you have gone through the most difficult part of the night. Everyone enters the club by elevator, where you find a bar just as you exit, and another if you go to the left and follow the ramp, which has the fastest service in the building. You will find one more bar, that most people miss, in the lower center of the club, just before you enter the outside pool and patio area. I strongly recommend this club for any occasion and definitely don't deprive yourself of the best experience possible, do bottle service and get a table. The only thing I do not like about this club, is its exit, which is a scary walk after drinking for anybody, but terrifying for a girl in heels, with hurting feet, and drunk. I have seen a few falls and slips, not a good look. The biggest perk of getting a table and doing things right at Marquee, is being escorted pass the crowd and put on the elevators for your exit.

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